Exploration is a mathematical tool for measuring and mapping the surrounding area. Tests are performed using the latest technology such as high-quality GPS and air and land scanner to scan maps and locations. Land surveying assists in various projects such as land division, mining exploration. Construction of tunnel, water pipe, road construction and turnkey construction projects. Research includes measurement of distances, directions, angles, and heights. Artificial and natural buildings have also been marked in research such as Roads, Building, River etc.

Land surveying plays an important role in land development, road construction and land reform. Land survey is considered the first measure used by architects and civil engineers.

Earth Research
Road Research
Water Pipeline Survey

It is a variety of soil analysis that determines soil quality. Some tests are performed in a laboratory. The soil test in the test only tells the quality of the soil and the interior, however it is important to get a soil test before the start of the construction project to understand the quality of the soil and the soil.

  • Moisture content test
  • Special Soil Strength
  • Abundance of Dry Soil
  • Atterberg Boundaries Survey
  • Integration of testing

Here are some testing services:
1. Geotechnical Soil Survey and Analysis

2. Inspection of Building Materials and Engineering

3. Soil Analysis Service

Performance Test