SSC Group – One-window solution for aspiring entrepreneurs, if you dream of extending your wings to Indore – MP’s commercial capital. we are here to enlighten you with our one-window services. From then on, your dream of being involved here in Indore until your dream becomes a reality.

1. Land Allocation – By looking for incentives and awareness among all aspiring entrepreneurs concerning the various benefits and institutions offered by the government. We support you with land acquisition and redistribution strategies.

2. Initiation Permit – We support the receipt of the compulsory invention (NOC) from the State Pollution Control Board. We ensure smooth, uncluttered documentation and compliance with authorities.

3. Operating Permit – Receive guidance from our team with all operational support and approval from the authorities. This service includes a permit certificate according to the pollution control board. Classification as environmental compliance for a work permit.

4. Filing Approval under the Factory Act – With a professional team of building engineers who will design the construction framework for your dream industry. Our experts follow strict industry standards that maintain the safety and performance of designs so that factory standards can be met simultaneously and get approval for your designs.

5. Factory License – This is the most important document required to run a factory under the provision of a factory deed. We show you all the documentation and submission plan for any section with detailed descriptions of your establishment.

6. Building Map Approval – Map Approval includes the layout of buildings, following a strict level of security in terms of government standards, approvals, and approvals for large and low-lying areas. We will follow up on the approval and construction process after approval and submission of the inspection report.

7. Construction Permit – SSC Group helps you obtain building permits for your industry. Government approval for construction, fire, and safety.

8. Property Tax – Our closest partners help you understand your property tax assessment. The value of your property. We carefully verify your local credit and area management; we transmit and support you with public information collected from local authorities.

9. BOCW Registration – We help you find BOCW registration which is an important factor in the next phase of your project. This action helps you cover your employees who fall under the building and other building materials. Application for registration must be made in the prescribed manner with the accompanying documentation to process the registration.

10. DIC funding through provincial government – We strongly support these programs provided by the government and central government. These types of schemes provide financial support and offer soft loans to meet part of the extra money and our role is to help you get this funding.
11. DIC for small or large industries – Provides technical support in preparing project reports submitted to authorities. Editing information on machinery and equipment. We help you distribute raw materials.
12. SIA Registration – We help you set up an online account with the help of specific information provided by you. We treat these accounts as per your instructions. This is a simple process to verify the authenticity submitted by you. The Indian government has defined the manufacturing industries and services involved.

13. Banking – We support you with the challenges you face with banks and financial institutions for loan adjustment and acceptance of your business idea. We help you navigate safely through the financial shack and help you make the right financial decision and manage your future fund.

14. Fire NOC – In terms of industrial safety standards, it is necessary to remove the NOC for fire safety and industrial hazard. We design the fire, height, and phase system according to safety standards and help you to have a fire NOC and engage with the fire and safety officer to obtain authorizations and permits.