SSC GROUP has successfully completed setting up various sub Stations. We provide the installation of intermediate and high-speed HT gears at a station with a variety of features such as main power cords, secondary power line, converters, control structure and safety wire. The design of the Substation mainly consists of switching, protection and control equipment and transformer. These are units of high quality and efficient. We specialize in transmitting, distributing and installing channels. We provide a solution for power generation in the commercial and industrial sectors.

Electrical LT performance:

The support of SSC GROUP and the development of LT power generation is an important part of supporting power generation, our electrical experts help you set up a complete process. Electricity is generated by an LT panel that supports the distribution of electricity and receives power from a generator or transformer. These types of panels are installed internally and externally with the support of our technical experts. We provide technological advances to increase efficiency and reliability.

LT and HT Panel:

SSC GROUP is one of the pioneer companies for LT and HT panel installation and electricians. LT Panels can be used internally and externally. These panels are rough, long lasting in weather conditions. LT panels are designed and installed with low power consumption making them cost effective. Our in-house teams take on all the installation and management work. We provide electrical and communication services to our customers.

These types of LT and HT panels are designed and designed for high strength. Here are a few plans for these panels:

  • Electrical Plants
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Crops and automotive industries
  • Mining Industries

Electrical Thinking Services:

SSC Group electrical component support for public and private sector payment services. These services we provide include – project application submission, processing and approval of design plans and approvals from the accredited department. Assist the group in preparing the drawing and related texts. Complete the task according to each schedule and receive the release order.

AMC power supplies.

SSC GROUP electrical services support and ensure the safety and comfort of everyone on the premises. We provide technical solutions for your electrical needs. We conduct a detailed inspection of your electrical installation. Our annual maintenance services help keep your site running smoothly and without any electrical faults. AMC electrical includes repair, installation of tables, wiring, installation and maintenance of electrical installation.

Project Management Task:

  • Electrical Balancing Services.
  • Security Licensing Function.
  • Electricity Supply Chain Services.
  • Electric Graphics Services.
  • Resources for Building the Earthing System.


  • Transformer filtering.
  • Oil testing.
  • Electrical Installation.


  • Distribution Service Delivery Services.
  • Electrical Panel Delivery Services.
  • Transformer installation work.
  • Cable Laying Function.
  • Distribution Translator Services.
  • Power Transformers Services.
  • Electricity function.
  • HT Line Suspension Services.
  • HT Electrical Installation Function.
  • LT line construction service.
  • Security Services.
  • Internal Equipment Function.
  • UPS System Charging Service.
  • Access to Commissions Access Service.
  • Cable Tray Construction Services.
  • Complete the Building Automation System.
  • Protection and Access Program.
  • Industrial Light.
  • Cleaning the Clean Room.
  • Hardware System Installation Equipment.
  • Resources for DG Sets.
  • AMC services.
  • Electrical Grid AMC facilities.